SpaceOpera : "Misadventures on Planet X"

 So this is an on again, off again project that I tackle when the mood suites me.  I have always been a fan of the "Retro Futuristic" look and style of so many properties like the classic "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers" series to the "Fleischer Superman Cartoons", I even recently stumbled across an old animated series from the 1960's, "Space Angel" featuring art by the amazing Alex Toth.  Even more "recent" projects like "Iron Giant", "Sky Captain", and the like continue to fuel my imagination and visual library for all things "Retro Futuristic".  So here's some of my explorations with this style in mind, perhaps laying the groundwork for a more defined project that I'll keep plucking away at.  We'll see where this adventure takes us.


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