Spread the Goodness!

A couple of years back I was contacted by a gentleman interested in my art.  Not entirely sure of where he heard about me, he introduced himself as someone representing a ministry that published bible / gospel tracts. Those are the little pamphlets that look like miniature comics that usually have a christian message.  Anyway he wanted to update one of their tracts (the original) to something with more gray scale to take advantage of some newer printing processes made available to them.

To be honest I was a little leery of even posting this not knowing where this would go.  I read the original tract and I had to admit it was very bold and "in your face."  It was definitely designed to step on toes, but then again that's what the gospel does.  It offends and convicts in order to get people's attention, to get them to reevaluate their life and take stock of where they are in the balance of eternity. Most importantly its meant for people to compare their lives to that of Christ's life.  Admittedly I was a little timid at first, but figuring I was way overdue on giving back to my faith in regards to the skills and talents that The Lord has blessed me with, I stepped out in faith and agreed (the updated versions I did).  

I'm not trying to brag or say I do this sort of thing all the time or that I'm  getting brownie points with God, far from it; I am saying I have become a little more sensitive to the artistic needs of fellow Christians as they arise or anyone in  need for that matter.  If you have a talent that can fill a need in someone else's life, remember that God blessed you to be a blessing to others. I'm still trying to apply this to other areas of my life as well. You'll find that when you do, God will continue to Bless you!


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